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The Opportunity


Our System

At Premier we have perfected a sales system that provides the greatest opportunity for our teammates to experience growth, happiness and wealth in their careers. We believe in making products and processes simple, organized and easy to understand because it’s easier to sell when you’re organized and your message is clear.

Career Path

We believe in promoting from within, and ALL new teammates have the opportunity to become team leaders in 1 year (or less) because we believe happiness in one’s career comes with personal, professional and financial growth.



We believe in investing extensively in the futures of all of our teammates. Most businesses ask: “What if you spend all of your money, time and energy training someone who quits?” We ask, “What if you don’t – and they stay?” We are fundamentally invested in our teammates from Day 1.



We believe in having the most aggressive compensation structure in the industry. Our compensation is performance-based with some earning 6 figure income in their first year. Virtually all of our teammates make over 6 figures after year 1 as team leaders. Serious applicants will receive break-downs of real compensation examples.

Are You…?

Parmley-CheckLet’s face it- the # 1 reason people come to Premier is for the money. They stay for our winning team culture and the professional growth.  You MUST want to make more money in order to succeed on the Premier Sales Team because the quest to earn is what drives our team.  We will help you achieve your highest potential, but we cannot push you past any self-imposed limitations.  So look deep within and ask yourself, “do I really WANT to make life-changing money?” or is that just something you’ve trained yourself to believe?  We will always hold you accountable to your goals, but will you?
Our Company Motto is “Persistence” because this is the most important attribute of the Premier Team. Calvin Coolidge once wrote: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”  This quote is inscribed above our “Premier Performers” Board which is where we permanently enshrine our top performers.
Are you looking to work hard and make a next-level income, or are you looking for an easy job with a modest paycheck?  If you answered the latter, that is OK, you just may not enjoy being part of the Premier Team. We expect, for the first 9-10 months of their careers, for our Field Representatives to be the hardest-working members of the organization, and the hardest working salespeople in the industry.
Would your friends describe you as “fun-loving,” or as a “home-body?”  The reason this matters is because our sales team is a close-knit unit that not only works hard, but plays hard. Our field reps, when they aren’t working, can be found traveling to the Caribbean, heli-skiing in Alaska, going to ball games, playing team sports, riding motorcycles and much more. We have found that this type of fun-loving attitude is a characteristic of all of our top teammates every year.
Are you a “wall-flower” or the “life of the party?”  Not everyone who is Persistent, hard-working or fun-loving is necessarily outgoing, but it’s pretty hard to be shy and successful in sales. With our help, you will achieve your greatest potential, but without an inherent willingness to step out of your comfort zone, there’s only so far we can take you.
Do you get annoyed by relying on the performance of others to help you achieve your goals? We know the feeling but, in all seriousness, to be on a winning team you have to be a patient and willing teammate. Our most productive and valuable teammates every year are constantly stepping up to challenges and find that their willingness to help their team is inevitably reciprocated by their teammates and much more is taken out than put in.
Are you a problem solver?  Do you readily face challenges in a calm, cool and collected manner?  Or do you get flustered, frustrated, or worse when facing the unexpected?  Sales in the home improvement industry, unlike many other industries, requires that the products we sell meet the expectations of the clients before we get paid. If we don’t set the right expectations, or if we run into a snag in construction, it is often required of our sales team to think and act quickly to ensure the customer continues to have a great experience. If you’re not up to this type of kinetic atmosphere, you may not like it at Premier Roofing.
Do you just HATE being told what to do?  It’s OK if you do as long as you understand that working at Premier will never require that you take orders if you are willing to learn early. Our training includes classroom lectures, homework, video training and most of our processes are written-out so that our teammates have a reference point when they lose their way. If you’ve never read the instructions before putting together a piece of furniture from IKEA, you may find working at Premier unnecessarily challenging because we expect our teammates to be willing to learn, and to follow our processes “to a T.”

“Before Premier I …”

A quick peek into what our team did before they came to Premier


About Premier

  • Over 12,000 satisfied homeowners have purchased new roofs from Premier since 2005.
  • A+ Rating with the BBB in all communities we serve
  • Three-time GAF President’s Club Winner
  • Offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Kansas City and Chicago

Premier Roofing was founded in 2005 by recent college grads and classmates Ben McFerron and Chris Tulp after working for a year for another roofing company.  Prior to that Ben and Chris were working various jobs from carpentry to teaching English to even working on a farm.

What Ben and Chris learned from their brief careers prior to entering the roofing industry was that selling and installing roofing, compared to their previous jobs, had the potential to be remarkably lucrative for those that were willing to put in an honest-day’s effort.

Unlike working as a farmer or a carpenter, the amount of money to be made in home-improvement sales, particularly in direct-sales, is limitless for the hardest working and most persistent.

Today at Premier we are committed to the Growth, Happiness and Wealth of our teammates.  We believe that our system ensures the most-deserving: the most persistent, and most accountable people in our organization earn the most.  Our company culture is based in the team-wide belief that Premier is a “meritocracy.” We fundamentally understand the challenges we face and celebrate those who go above and beyond, and we find that while many people join our organization for the money – the best of the best stay for the teamwork and our incredible culture.

“It has been our goal since day one to create an environment in which our teammates are not only the most productive in the industry, but also the highest-paid. We feel strongly that our company offers precisely that opportunity.” – Ben and Chris

Company Culture at Premier

Fun-loving co-workers.

Premier hockey team raising money for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Sales team Costa Rica trip.

7X National Champion Coach Bill Tierney speaking at our annual meeting.

Photo booth props at our company party.

Snowboarding time during the winter.

Three of our teammate veterans volunteering at the Wounded Warrior USA Ice Fishing Tournament.

Bowling just for fun.

The Premier Golf Tournament.

Award presentation at our company meeting.

Funniest Halloween costume contest winner.

Hanging out at the ballpark.

Teammate Reviews: What Our Teammates Say About Premier

“Great people, great opportunity”

Premier Roofing is a very unique employer that provides rapid career advancement based on merit accompanied with extremely competitive pay. It is a true team environment where everyone is constantly striving to improve at what they do and build the company together. I never would have pictured myself working for a roofing company before I started at Premier, but now I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.” – Review on Glassdoor

“Very lucrative. Big, life changing money.”

“Pros: Very lucrative. Big, life changing money. Cons: Long hours, difficult industry. Position is not easy. Advice to Management: Keep chugging, you guys are the best in the biz.” – Review on Glassdoor

“Great pay. Great Schedule. Great Company Culture.”

“Great pay. Great Schedule. Great Company Culture. It’s the only roofing company professionals should consider as employer.” – Review on Glassdoor

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